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    Two snakes and five small divine figures holding vases. Bronze sacrificial altar cast in one piece. Middle-Elamite era (10th-9th BCE), from Susa, Iran 158 x 70.5 cm - Sb 185


    Gold pendant, a god wearing a high, cone-shaped crown. From Yozgat near Bogazkoy, Turkey. New Hittite Empire, 17th-13th BCE H: 3,9 cm AO 9647


    The Egyptian God Bes. Carved ivory plaque from Megiddo, Israel Collection of IDAM, Jerusalem


    Harpocrates, deified Egyptian physician. Terracotta figurine (Graeco-Roman Period, 1st-3rd CE) from Egypt.


    Hermes, Euridice, Orpheus. Antique replica of a 5th century BCE original. Ma 854


    Asklepios and Hygiea before their faithful followers. Votive stone relief (end 4th BCE) from Greece. Ma 755


    Sea-god with dolphin and ivy. Amphora, black-figured (6th BCE), Pontic, from Vulci 42 x 26.9 cm Inv. F 1676


    Sarcophagus with assembly of Gods. Zeus and Hermes on the right.


    Dionysian procession. Mosaic (mid 3rd CE) from El Jem (Thysdrus), Tunis. 119 x 180 cm


    Landscape in a thunderstorm with Philemon and Baucis, Jupiter and Mercury. Oil on wood (ca. 1620) Size 147 x 209 cm Cat. 319, Inv. 690


    Le Char d'Apollon. Oil on Canvas (1909)

    40-12-03/ 7

    A Giant falls at the feet of Aphrodite who steps on his face with her sandal. Zeus Altar of Pergamon erected around 180 BCE by Eumenes II.


    The Egyptian God Bes. Bronze figure from Fort Shalmaneser, Nimrud (Kalash), Mesopotamia (Iraq) Height: 12.2 cm Nr. 61872


    Warfalowas Urfalla and the weather god Ivriz. Plaster cast of a bas-relief (Late Hittite, 9th BCE) from Ereglisi (near Konya), Turkey.


    Demon god with four wings. Basalt bas-relief from the base of the south wall of the western palace of King Kapara. From Tell Halaf (ancient Guzana), north-east Syria. Aramaean, mid-10th century BCE.


    Divinity sitting on a throne. Terracotta relief Late 14th to early 12th BCE, late Middle Syrian Period, from Emar (Mascana) Height 12.9 cm


    Figurine, probably a Hittite deity,from the region of Marash,Syria. 9th-8th BCE, Neo-Hittite Empire. Bronze, H: 11,2 cm AO 1532


    Deities. Figurines from the "High Place" at Nahariyah. Silver, Canaanite (Late Bronze Age)


    Amphiaraios, the physician, treats the shoulder of a young man. The same young man on a bed, while a snake licks his shoulder. Votiv relief offered by Archinos to Amphiaraios,to whom god-like honours were given for his oracles and cures. 49 x 54.5 cm Inv. 3369


    Eros-boy with dog. Amber (1st half 2nd CE) from Scarabanta, Albania. Height 5.7 cm Inv. X 168


    Hephaistos constructing the Trojan Horse. Reverse side of an Etruscan mirror (4th BCE).


    Lion-headed Genius Terrae Africae. Terracotta statue (4th BCE) (reconstruction). Height 150 cm

    11-01-04/ 7

    Apollon et Marsyas - Apollo and Marsyas,1495 The silenus or satyr Marsyas, convinced of his own talent, challenged the god Apollo to a musical contest and was skinned alive when he lost. Detail of flock of birds. For overall view please see 40-07-01/35. Oil on wood 39 x 29 cm RF 370


    Hermes guiding Diana, Goddess of the Hunt, onto the Olymp where Zeus has vacated his throne for her. Ceiling fresco (1732) of the central hall, Eckartsau hunting castle, Lower Austria


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