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    Teotihuacan, Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent, and Tlaloc, the rain-god. Heads of Jaguars, symbol of death, jut out from flowers, symbol of plenitude; the god Tlaloc is shown with a face of corncobs and large goggles (3rd-6th CE).


    Poseidon as patron of the Isthmic games. Onyx cameo, in imitation of antique style, from Sicily, where Emperor Friedrich II was a collector of precious stones. First half 13th, setting 19th. H: 7 cm, Inv. IX a 62


    The Feast of Venus. Detail of 40-04-01/31 Oil on canvas (after 1635) Cat. 327, Inv. 648


    Apollo and Aurora. The victory of light over darkness. Ceiling fresco (after 1721) in the Garden Hall of Schloss Belvedere, Vienna


    Olympus,seat of the Gods. Fresco (ca. 1532-1534)


    Ulysses and Aeolus, from the Ulysses Cycle. Fresco (1560)


    The abduction of Ganymed. Oil on canvas (1530) 163.5 x 70.5 cm Inv. 276


    The Parthenon, Temple of Athena (5th BCE). Acropolis, Athens, Greece.


    Apollo. Bronze figure (1st BCE) with copper incrustations and Doric dedication to the Goddess Athena. Found in the sea,near Piombino in 1832. Although reminiscent of an archaic kuros, the statue is now thought to have been made for Roman customers. Inside was found a small plaque (now lost) with the names of two sculptors active in the first BCE. H: 115 cm Br 2


    Sitting male idol, an axe over the right shoulder. Wooden shaft of axe is a restoration. Second agricultural deity found recently in Hungary. The other is the "God with the Sickle", see 06-01-02/16. Height 24,6 cm, Tisza Culture, Hungary.


    A storehouse of the sanctuary of Aton. Relief from the Akhnaton temple project in Karnak. 1350 BCE, New Kingdom Height: 21.5 cm


    God Ptah, patron deity of craftsmen, with worshipper. Limestone bas-relief, reverse side of a stele with young Ramses II (1290-1224 BCE), 19th Dynasty (1305-1196 BCE), New Kingdom, Egypt. N 524


    Horus as a boy on a lotus blossom. Bronze figurine, Ptolemaic Period, Egypt. Hellenistic influence (150 BCE).


    The god Besh, usually shown as a dwarf: a domestic god, protector of women in childbirth, also associated with music and dance.

    08-01-13/ 2

    Two local deities with horned crown and stern face. Relief (17th BCE) on the long side of basalt sacrificial basin. Close-up of 08-02-02/27. From Temple n, Ebla, Syria (Middle Bronze Age).


    A child, dedicated to Eshmun, god of healing. Marble figure


    Head of a divinity (hollow). Gold (5th-4th BCE), from the Oxus Treasure, the most important collection of silver and gold to have survived from the Achaemenid period. It comes from a temple on the banks of the Oxus in Tajikistan. Cat. 123 906


    Falcon-god Horus, from Ugarit-Mineit-el-Beida Bronze, H: 12,7 cm Late Bronze Age, 13th BCE AO 11599


    So-called Amrit-stele,sandstone.Storm-god or king standing on a lion with cudgel in hand;a protective bird hovers above. From Tell Hazael (Smyrna,Syria) AO 22 247


    Smiting god, probably Reshef or Baal, from Megiddo. Bronze figurine, Canaanite


    Ostracon showing falcon Horus sitting on a palace. Part of the name of Pharaoh Narmer (ca. 3000 BCE). From Arad

    08-05-04/ 1

    Orpheus and Eurydice. A marble relief (1st-3rd CE). Detail Roman copy of a 5th BCE Greek original.


    Zeus the Thunderer. Bronze statuette (5th BCE) from Dodona. Nr. 10 561


    Zeus. Bronze statuette (1st-3rd CE). Height 17 cm Inv. VI 198


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