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    Harpocrates, Horus the child, on a lotus flower. 26th Dynasty (664-525 BCE) Late Period, Egypt. Height 15 cm


    Detail of the "Famine Stele" on Seheil Island, Egypt. Pharaoh Djozer (3rd Dynasty, 3rd mill. BCE) prays to the god Khnum, to end a seven-year drought and famine. The stele is one of more than 250 inscribed stones written during the Ptolemaic Period (332-30 BCE).


    Head of an Assyrian god. Middle Bronze, around 1600 BCE from Djabbul, Mesopotamia Basalte, H: 35 cm AO 10 831


    Divinity standing under an arch of flowers, with traces of red paint, from Tel Beth Mirsin, Israel. Limestone bas-relief, Late Bronze Age


    Zeus fighting Kronos. Relief from the tympanum (600 BCE), temple of Artemis, Corfu, Greece.

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    Heracles stealing the tripod. Relief (525 BCE) from the pediment of the Siphnian treasury. Detail


    God Zeus. Colossal marble head (2nd BCE) from Aigeira, Greece Inv. 3377


    Heracles statuette. Bronze (6th-5th BCE), origin unknown, from the Stroganoff Collection. Height 20.3 cm Inv. V 1887

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    Poseidon, Roman copy (1st-3rd CE) after a lost work by Lysippos. Bronze, H: 5, cm Br 515

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    Zeus. Bronze head (490 BCE). Inv. 6440


    Hephaistos. Bronze statuette (2nd CE). Height 13.5 cm Inv. VI 441


    Dionoysos Festival, two women acolytes, Dionysos in the center. Red-figured stamnos, middle 5th BCE G 400


    Dionysos and Ariadne. Sardonyx, 3 layers Mount: gold, enamel (2nd half 17th) Height 4.6 cm Inv. IX A 90


    Diana: Onyx-cameo. Necklace: gold. Sardonyx, 2 layers. Mount: gold (3rd CE), height 3.5 cm Length of necklace 49 cm Inv. IX A 46


    Amulet case in shape of a falcon's head. Bronze, laminated from Rabat Tal-Virtu, Malta Height 4.85 cm


    Deity on a throne. Terracotta statuette, moulded, hand-worked, painted (8th-6th BCE) from Akhziv, Israel 17.5 x 6.3 x 5.4 cm AO 1844


    The head of Kukulcan, god of the winds, protrudes from the fangs of the feathered serpent in the frieze of the North Building, Quadrangle of the Nuns, Uxmal. The feathered serpent is the symbol of the God Kukulcan in Mayan lore (7th-10th CE).


    Mask of the rain-god Tlaloc; his face is made of corncobs, his eyes are covered by large goggles like the obsidian- or gold rings put over the eyes of the dead. From the Temple of Quetzalcoatl and Tlaloc, Teotihuacan, Mexico (3rd-6th CE).


    Garden of Delights Left wing: Garden of Earthly Delights - detail Triptich with shutters Wood; Central panel 220 x 195cm, wings 220 x 97cm Cat. 2823


    Venus and Amor. Etching (1506)


    Temple of Poseidon in Paestum, the most important Doric temple still extant. 39 fluted columns, a cella with three naves. Around 450 BCE 60 x 24.3 cm

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    A Giant bites the arm of a God who catches him in a stranglehold. Zeus Altar of Pergamon erected around 180 BCE by Eumenes II.


    The Lion-goddess fighting a Giant. Zeus Altar of Pergamon erected around 180 BCE by Eumenes II.


    Temple of Dionysos, renovated by Emperor Caracalla (186-217 CE) in marble (3rd CE). Pergamon, Turkey


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