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    A sacrifice. A bull, a garland hanging from his horns, is led to the altar. Red-figured pelike. Same pelike as 10-03-03/7 and 8 Inv. 1144

    10-03-03/ 9

    The Rokeby Venus:the toilet of Venus,the only surviving female nude by Velazquez. Around 1650. Canvas,122,5 x 177 cm NG 2057


    The demon-god Pazuzu, an Akkadian-Sumerian evil spirit.An inscription says: "I am Pazuzu, king of evil spirits and of the winds which come raging down from the mountains..." This figurine, hung around the neck of a sick person, was supposed to drive sickness away. H:15 cm, MNB 467


    Hermes sacrificing a dog disguised as a pig. Red-figured Attic cup, 510-500 BCE Terracotta, H: 7.5 cm, D: 20 cm, painting 10.2 cm Inv. IV 3691


    The royal family of Amenophis IV Akhnaton offers a sacrifice to Aton, the sungod. Relief from Amarna, Egypt, 1350 BCE, New Kingdom 105 x 50 cm


    God Baal of the thunderstorm, gilded bronze idol, with an Egyptian-style crown. From Minet-el-Beida, the port of ancient Ugarit (Ras Shamra, Syria). Bronze and gold, H: 17,9 cm AO 11 598


    A god with torque, a human figure on either side. Gundestrup Cauldron, outer plate. Embossed silver, gilded (1st BCE) La Tene III

    09-01-03/ 9

    Two pigeons and a hand lifted in prayer - Sign of Tanit Votive stele from Carthage


    Mosaic showing Abel sacrificing a lamb and Melchizedek, Priest-King of Salem, sacrificing bread. 6th century CE; Presbytery of San Vitale Basilica, Ravenna

    30-01-10/ 9

    The creation of the animals. The Creator among his animals. There are seven kinds of trees, with the vine emerging from God's halo.The animals include a lion, elephant, and unicorn. The birds are carefully studied; some are shown flying, some like the owl perch on trees, and others by the water. There are two fishes, apparently pike. From the Holkham Bible Picture Book. England; around 1320-1330. Shelfmark: Add. 47682 Page Folio Number: f.2v


    Shamash-ush-usur, governor of Suhi and Mari, praying to the gods Adad and Ishtar. Bas-relief from the palace of Nebuchadnezzar II (605-562 BCE) Babylon, Mesopotamia (Iraq)


    Apollo of Siebenbuergen (Transsylvania). The god would have held a bow in his lowered right hand and a laurel twig, symbol of atonement, in his left hand. Bronze, H: 282,5 cm Inv. VI 2848


    The god Taranis and a man holding a wheel, and various animals. Gundestrup cauldron, inner plate. Embossed silver, gilded (1st BCE) La Tene iii


    A warrior (Mars). Bronze votive figure (5th-4th BCE) a depot find from Gutenberg, Liechtenstein.


    Figurines from the Temple of Obelisks at Byblos, Lebanon Gilded bronze (7th-8th BCE).


    Poseidon and Athena in contest for the domination of Attica. Cameo 5.1 x 4.2 cm Inv. 25 837


    La Primavera. Mercury. Detail of 40-07-01/60 Tempera on wood (1477) 203 x 314 cm Inv. 8360 See also 40-07-01/60-70


    Shroud, the defunct between Osiris and Anubis. Theme of the painting is the "transmutation into Osiris". Painting on linen (around 180 BCE), Ptolemaic Period, Egypt. Inv. 11 651


    Atlas, Heracles, and Athena with the apples of Hesperides. Marble relief (5th BCE) from the temple of Zeus at Olympia


    Jupiter, Mercury, and "Virtus". Jupiter creates souls - butterflies - by painting them. Oil on canvas (1529) 112 x 150 cm Cat. 511, Inv. 9110


    Embalmer's knife with Anubis figure on the papyrus-shaped handle. "Minmesout", the embalmer's name, on the blade. New Kingdom (1554-1196 BCE) Bronze, L:24,5 cm N 2116

    08-01-10/ 5

    Mosaic of Moses loosening his sandal at God's command, who is speaking to him from the burning bush on Mount Sinai. 6th century CE; Presbytery of San Vitale Basilica, Ravenna


    Minerva, Marsyas playing the flute, sitting muse, Apollo with the lyre, Victoria (from left to right). Marble relief (2nd CE) from a sarcophagus. Height 104 cm, length 221 cm MA 2347


    A god holding two stags. Gundestrup Cauldron, outer plate. Embossed silver, gilded (1st BCE) La Tene III

    09-01-03/ 8

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