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    Dionysos with a cup in his left hand. Terracotta statuette (protome) from Boeotia (Greece) - (400 BCE) Height 37.5 cm Inv. V 3250


    Orpheus. Marble relief (1st-3rd CE). Detail Roman copy of a 5th BCE Greek original


    Mercurius. Bronze statuette (2nd-3rd CE) Height 11.7 cm Inv. R VII 705


    Europa riding the bull. Red-figured cup from Apulia, 3rd quarter 4th BCE Terracotta, height: 7.7 cm, diameter: 21.5 cm Inv. IV 189

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    The punishment of Dirke,aunt of Antiope,Zeus'lover. Floor mosaic from Aquincum (Budapest), Hungary.


    Jupiter. Bronze statuette from the altar dedicated to the Lares (2nd half 2nd CE), found at Montorio near Verona, Italy. Height 17.8 cm Inv. VI 409

    10-05-01/ 2

    Mercury - Hermes. Silver statuette from Berthouville, France


    Naos with deity standing on two lions. Domestic idol. From Helalion (Sidon), Lebanon. Moulded terracotta, H: 6,2 cm AO 1333


    Masks of the rain-god Chac on the frieze of the Palace in Sayil, Puuc Archaeological Zone, Yucatan (7th-10th CE).


    Masks of the rain-god Chac, with his elongated, trunk-like nose which symbolizes lightening. Detail from the facade of the Temple of the Large Masks, Kabah, Puuc Archaeological Zone, Yucatan. End of Late Classic, 800-900 CE


    A mask of the Toltec God Tlaloc, god of rain and thunder. Chichen Itza, Yucatan. 11th.


    Sandstone seated figure of the god Mictlantecuhtli, associated with death; Aztec,Mexico, 1325-1521. Mictlantecuhtli inhabited the lowest of the nine levels of the Underworld. The soul of the deceased went to a particular level according to the circumstances of their death. Those who died of natural causes went to the ninth level and had to negotiate all sorts of obstacles to reach it. Ethno,1849.6-29.2

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    "Codex vase" with glyphs concerning the young God of corn humiliating an older divinity.The dwarf (left) holds the headdress and insignia taken from the older god,who mutilates himself. Polychrome terracotta, H:16,3 cm Inv.70.1998.5.1 Musee du Quai Branly

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    The Seven Trumpets are given to the Angels. The Revelation of Saint John (Apocalypse, VI. Figure). Around 1496/97. Woodcut, 393 x 283mm. (monogrammed)


    The Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin. (Life of the Virgin, 19). Dated 1510. Woodcut, 290 x 207mm. (monogrammed)


    Bacchanal. Detail of the ceiling of the Hall of Amor and Psyche. Palazzo del Te, built 1525-1535 after designs by Giulio Romano as a summer residence for Duke Federico II Gonzaga.


    Sala dei Giganti. The Giants' assault on Olympus. Palazzo del Te, built 1525-1535 for Federico II Gonzaga Fresco


    Elohim creating Adam. Watercolour and ink (1795-1805) 43.1 x 53.6 cm Cat. N 05055

    40-15-01/ 4

    View of Upper Delphi. Apollo Temple, Theatre, and the Treasure House of the Athenians. Temple: 4th BCE Theatre: 160 BCE Treasure House: 5th BCE

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    Temple of Apollo, Delphi, erected on the site of older sanctuaries, of which the last, from the 6th BCE, was destroyed by an earthquake in 373 BCE. The present building dates from 369-329 BCE. The Pythia prophesied here. 24.6 x 60 m


    The Tholos, sanctuary of Athena Pronaia, Delphi, is a circular building which may have replaced an earlier snake sanctuary. (370-360 BCE) Size: 13.5 m across


    The Corycian Cave, Mount Parnassos, Delphi, a sanctuary dedicated to the God Pan and the nymphs.


    Dionysos Sanctuary, Delos, monumental phallus with a relief of the phallus-bird, a symbol of the God, carried in procession or drawn on a chariot during Dionysian rites. Inscription says the monuments were donated by Karystios, son of Asbelos. Around 300 BCE


    Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion, a Doric temple built around 430 BCE to replace an earlier structure destroyed by the Persians.


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