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    Mount Olympos in Northern Greece, 9570 ft. high. According to Greek myths, this was the home of the gods.

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    Temple of Hera on the island of Samos. According to Greek myths, Hera and Zeus spent their wedding night here which lasted 300 years.


    The Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion (5th BCE) at sunset.


    Sunset. View from the Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion towards the sea and various islands.


    Temple of Ceres, Goddess of Agriculture, Paestum. The classical Doric temple has 34 fluted columns (6th BCE). 32.8 x 14.5 cm

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    A dying Giant pushes his sword into the side of a lion. Zeus Altar of Pergamon erected around 180 BCE by Eumenes II.


    Temple of Athena Nike on the Acropolis.


    The Erechtheion on the Acropolis (5th BCE) where, according to Greek myths, a sacred spring issued from a hole struck by Poseidon.


    Giant base of a column in the Heraion, sanctuary of the goddess Hera (3rd BCE). Samos, Greece


    Temple of Apollo (6th-1st BCE) on the island of Delos, Greece, on which, according to Greek myth, Leto gave birth to Zeus' twins Apollo and Artemis.


    Temple of Bacchus, Baalbek, Lebanon. Baalbeck was lavishly provided with temples by the later Roman emperors, from Antoninus Pius (138-151 CE) to Caracalla (211-217 CE).


    Altar of the Artemis Temple (2nd half 4th BCE). West view of the foundations.

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    A statuette of Bodisatthva Quanjin, a Buddhist deity. White porcelain. Late Ming period, 17th


    Prajnaparamita. Limestone, H: 110 cm Bayon-style, late 12th, early 13th CE From Prah Khan, Angkor MG 18043


    Head of a god. Dried and painted clay. H: 37,3 cm, around 4th CE From chamber K 33 in Tapa-i- Kafariha Gandhara-style MG 17291


    "Danubius", fish-faced creator god. Sandstone head (6000-5500 BCE) from the sanctuary of the house 44 at Lepenski Vir, Yugoslavia. Size 51 x 33 cm. Inv. LV 38


    Temple of Isis, Philae, Egypt. In 1896,the island of Philae was flooded behind the Old Aswan Dam.When the new High Dam was built,the reemerged temples were re- moved to an adjacent island.This UNESCO project was completed in 1980. 30th Dynasty, Ptolemaic and Roman.


    Avenue of recumbent rams. Portal of the temple of Amon, Karnak, built under the Pharaoh Ramses II (1290-1224 BCE). 19th Dynasty (1314-1200 BCE), New Kingdom


    Temple of Hathor, goddess of joy and love, Dendera, Egypt. (332-30 BCE) Ptolemaic Period


    Female funeral mask, showing the dead woman rising slowly before Osiris; her eyes are opening, she is resurrected. Painted stucco (around 50 CE), Egypt. Inv. 11 650, 24 176


    The avenue of rams leading towards the Great Temple of Amun (14th BCE), 18th and 19th Dynasty, New Kingdom, Karnak, Egypt.


    Deity (probably the god Reshef). Bronze statuette. Left hand and leg missing, right leg missing from above the knee, right hand raised in smiting position. Canaanite


    Sitting Silen. Terracotta figurine (650-480 BCE, Archaic style) from Greece. Height 7 cm CA 253


    Hephaistos and his bellows. Freeze (6th BCE) from the Treasure of the Siphnians, Delphi, Greece.


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