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    A phallic monument for God Dionysos, donated by one Karystios, son of Asbelos, island of Delos, Greece. A giant phallus on a piedestal which shows the progress of Dionysos. Delos, according to myths, is the birth- place of Apollo and Artemis, twins of Zeus and Leto.


    Hera Temple on Samos. Base of a column. The first temple dates from the 8th BCE. According to Greek myths, Hera and Zeus spent their wedding night on Samos, which lasted for 300 years. Three naves, sur- rounded by a double enclosure of 104 giant columns.


    The peristyle of the Temple of Bacchus, Baalbek,Lebanon Baalbek was lavishly provided with temples by the later Roman emperors, from Antoninus Pius (138-151 CE) to Caracalla (212-217 CE).


    View towards the harbour from the Serapeion, temple of the Egyptian god Serapis. Ephesus, Turkey


    Round temple of Vesta on the banks of the Tiber, originally dedicated to Portumnus, a river god, or to Sol, the sun. View through the columns. Classic style of the Augustean era, Rome, Italy.


    The so-called "Basilika" in Paestum is the oldest local temple and not a basilica, but a temple of the Goddess Hera. Mid 6th BCE 54.3 x 24.5 m


    Medallion with seated male personality (god?) woman offering. Plaster, diameter 14 cm From the Treasure of Begram, Afghanistan, 1st CE MG 195

    05-01-04/ 8

    God Hari-Hara, standing. Polished limestone, from Asram Maha Rosei Prei Krabas. H: 171 cm Phnom-Da-style, second half 6th CE MG 14910


    Sunda and Upasunda fighting over the apsara Tilottama. Fronton, limestone, H: 195 cm L: 269 cm Bantay Srei-style, second half 10th CE MG 18913


    Temple of Isis, Philae, Egypt. In 1896,the island of Philae was flooded behind the Old Aswan Dam.When the new High Dam was built,the reemerged temples were re- moved to an adjacent island.This UNESCO project was completed in 1980. 30th Dynasty, Ptolemaic and Roman.


    Temple of Amon, Karnak. Statues found in a hidden storage room. New Kingdom (1580-1200 BCE)


    Three Osiris-figures.The mummified penis of the defunct was kept in a small opening in the base. Sometimes the opening was used to store a papyrus role with the Book of the Dead. Right: Ba, the soul-bird. - Painted wood (around 600 BCE), Egypt. - Inv. 843, 9666, 910, 20668


    Sandstorm over the Temple of Amun (13th BCE), 19th Dynasty, New Kingdom, Luxor.


    The god Min, Egyptian ityphallic god of fertility and the harvest festival. He may be of African origin and is always shown with an erected phallus. 13th BCE


    The Cave of Pan, the Paneion (Baniyas), one of the Jordan River sources in the vicinity of Mount Hermon. Here Jesus handed over the keys to Saint Peter.


    Hermes, bearded head. Marble fence bust (2nd CE) near the Mazaeus-Mithridates gate, Ephesus. Roman copy of a Greek original of the 5th BCE. Height 135 cm Inv. I 848


    Masks of the rain-god Chac with his trunk-like nose, symbolising lightning, form the cornice of the East Building. Quadrangle of the Nuns, Uxmal (7th-10th

    12-01-02/ 7

    The Palace of the Large Masks, Kabah, Puuc Archaeological Zone, Yucatan. The palace facade is densely covered with masks of the rain-god Chac, whose elongated, trunk-like nose symbolizes lightening. End of Late Classic, 800-900 CE


    Masks of the rain-god Tlaloc, part of the facade of the Palace of the Large Masks, Kabah, Puuc Archaeological Zone, Yucatan. End of Late Classic, 800-900 CE


    War god, crested head with elongated neck; wicker work covered with red and white feathers over a netting of olona cord. Eyes of pearl shell with seed pupils, mouth set with dog's teeth. H:86 cm Inv. HAW 79


    Head of a war god, consisting of wicker work overlaid by a network of olona cord covered with red feathers. Eyes pearl-shell with large seeds. H:82 cm Inv. HAW 80


    Head of a war god, consisting of wicker work covered with a fine network of olona cord and red feathers. The skull is covered by long black human hair. Eyes of pearl-shell and large seeds,mouth filled with dogs teeth. H: 60 cm Inv. HAW 78


    Garden of Delights Left wing: Garden of Earthly Delights - detail Triptich with shutters Wood; Central panel 220 x 195cm, wings 220 x 97cm Cat. 2823


    Garden of Delights Left wing: Garden of Earthly Delights - detail Triptich with shutters Wood; Central panel 220 x 195cm, wings 220 x 97cm Cat. 2823


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