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    Standing god. Bronze statuette. The god, a storm-god, wears the kaunakes, the traditional garment of gods and kings since Akkadian times. Middle Syrian period, from Ugarit (Ras Shamra),Syria. Bronze, H: 13,7 cm


    Goddess with torque, busts of gods on each side. Gundestrup Cauldron, outer plate. Embossed silver, gilded (1st BCE) La Tene III

    09-01-03/ 6

    Bacchus. Oil on canvas 177 x 115 cm Inv. 780

    40-07-02/ 4

    Tomb of Tutankhamun (1346-1337 BCE). Valley of the Kings, Thebes


    Cylinder seal and imprint: adoration of the storm god Adad. Agate, 3 x 1,1 cm AO 22347


    A god with torque, holding two mythological animals. Gundestrup Cauldron, outer plate Embossed silver, gilded (1st BCE) La Tene III


    Apollo riding a griffin while playing the lyre. Red-figured Attic cup, 1st half 4th BCE Terracotta Inv. IV 202


    Bronze hydria with figurative handle: Artemis with 2 hares, 4 lions, eagle and snake. Greek import. From a tumulus at Graechwil, Switzerland Height 57.2 cm


    Tree-goddess offers vivifying waters to the deceased. Mural from the tomb of Kha, architect of Amenophis III (1403-1365 BCE), 18th Dynasty, Deir el-Medina, Egypt.


    Fish-man or water-sprite. Terracotta figurine (8th-7th BCE) Length 12 cm Nr. 3337


    Silenus holding the infant Dionysos in his arms. Hellenistic copy (4th BCE) after an earlier original found in Rome, Italy. Marble figure, height 190 cm MA 922


    Bacchus on a throne. Fresco (1st CE) from Casa del Naviglio, Pompeii. Inv. 9456


    The god Teutates accepting human sacrifices. Gundestrup Cauldron, inner plate. Detail of 09-01-03/12 Embossed silver, gilded (1st BCE) La Tene III


    Hermes tying his sandal (see also 10-01-03/49). Attic marble figure related to Hermes Propylaios. Roman copy (2nd CE) of a Greek original by Lysippos (4th BCE) found in the theatre of Marcellus, Rome. Height 154 cm - MA 83


    The Woman clothed with the Sun and the Seven-headed Dragon. The Revelation of Saint John (Apocalypse, IX. Figure). Around 1497. Woodcut, 394 x 283mm. (monogrammed)


    The storm-god Adad standing on a bull, brandishing a flash of lightning. Reign of Tiglath-Pileser. The god wears the kaunakes,a garment draped over one shoulder. From Arslan-Tash, North Syria. Basalt, H:136 cm AO 13 092


    Mountain-god and two bulls with human heads and arms. Basalt bas-relief on a socle (13th BCE) from Ain Dara, north of Aleppo, Syria


    "God with a golden hand", initially completely gilded. The god wears a long "kaunakes" which leaves one shoulder free,typical of all divinities since Akkadian periods. From Susa, early 2nd mill.BCE. Copper and gold, H: 17,5 cm AO 2823

    08-02-14/ 7

    God Hermes with staff and money bag. Bronze (4th BCE) Height 10.2 cm Br 545


    God descends, by means of a ladder, to witness the building of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11, 5). From Old English Illustrated Hexateuch. England, Canterbury; second quarter of 11th century Shelfmark: Cotton Claudius B. IV Page Folio Number: f.19


    Sennufer and his sister Merit. A priest sacrificing. Wallpainting in the tomb-chamber of Sennufer, Mayor of Thebes and overseer under Pharaoh Amenophis II (18th Dynasty). Vault and pillars are decorated with vine branches. Cemetery of Sheikh Abd al-Qurnah.


    Small portrait head of Alexander the Great. Hellenistic version of the famous bronze statue (orig. 330 BCE) by Lysippos of Sikyon. From Ptolemaic Egypt. Alexander is shown as a sun-god, the head probably wore an aureole. Height 12.4 cm. Inv. S 15


    Landscape with rites of Isis: the ceremony of mourning Osiris (his antropomorphous sarcophagus in the center). The landscape is inspired by Upper Egypt. From the Ekklesiasterion in Pompeii 1,68


    Sign of Tanit, chief goddess of the Phoenicians, and a sculptured ship's prow in the middle. Section of a votive stele with triangular gable. Whitish limestone from the Tophet of Carthago. 3rd BCE. Height 47 cm


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