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    Your search results for "Greek Myth: Amazon" (22 images)
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    Attic red-figured oenochoe showing Amazon women; end of the 5th century BCE.

    03-05-06/ 1

    Meeting of Alexander the Great and the amazons, 1400-1425. Alexander and his soldiers are confronted by an army of women on horseback,led by a queen. From "Le Livre et la vraye hystoire du bon roy Alixandre". ID: Roy 20 B XX, fol. 47 verso.


    Battle between Amazons, led by their queen, and the Trojans, 1275-1300. A fierce battle is taking place. Below the queen's horse is a decapitated head and a figure with no lower body. From "Li Livre des Ansienes Estoires" from the commencement of the world to the death of King Mithridates. ID: Add 15268,Fol. 125.


    Battle of the Amazons against the Greeks. Relief on a marble sarcophagus, 2nd half 4th BCE, found at Soloi, Greece. Overall size 91.5 x 264 cm Inv. I 169


    Jupiter et Antiope,1851 Canvas,32,5 x 43,5 cm R.F.2521


    Attic red-figured vase showing Amazon fighting a cavalry (detail); 4th century BCE.


    Theseus, King of Athens, fights Talestris, Queen of the Amazons. The Battle of the Amazons. Oakwood (17th). 121 x 165.5 cm. Cat. 324


    Fragment of a marble shield, Roman, 200 - 300 CE. This is a reduced copy of the goddess Athena's shield from her statue on the Parthenon (built 447-438 BCE). The statue, by Phidias, made of gold and ivory, has not survived; Athena was shown resting one hand on a shield carved with battle scenes between Greeks and Amazons. Gr 1864.2-2018


    The Amazonian sarcophagus depicts the battle between the Greek heroes and the mythical female warriors. 2nd half 4th BCE. right side detail Marble, L: 264 cm Inv. I 169


    Two Amazon heads. Gold drinking vessels (3rd BCE). Panagyurishte Golden Treasure. Height 14 and 22.5 cm


    Funerary stele of Parmeniskos. Gorgon head in the pediment to ward off evil; frieze with battle against Amazones; sirens standing on rosettes; griffins on each side of a krater. Limestone, H: 108 cm Inv. I 1024


    Head of an Amazon. Gold drinking vessel (3rd BCE). Panagyurishte Golden Treasure. Height 14 cm


    The Amazonian sarcophagus depicts the battle between the Greek heroes and the mythical female warriors. 2nd half 4th BCE. Detail left side Marble, L: 264 cm Inv. I 169


    Wounded Amazon. Marble frieze from the altar of Diana (Artemis) (350 BCE) in Ephesus, Turkey Height 65 cm - Inv. I 811


    Amazon sitting near temple architecture. Fresco (1st CE) from Pompeii, Italy. Inv. 9368


    Heracles and the amazon,metope from Temple E, Selinunte,Sicily,Italy. According to Greek myth,an amazon loses her strength when grabbed by the hair.


    Wounded Amazon (from the Artemis temple in Ephesus). Marble figure (original 440-430 BCE). Roman copy Height 183 cm


    Roman copy of the Amazone by Phidias (5th BCE). From the Villa of the Papyri, Herculaneum. Inv. 4889


    Femme en tenue d'equitation (L'Amazone) - Woman in a riding habit (The Amazone), 1856 Canvas, 115,6 x 89,2 cm

    40-12-13/ 4

    Theseus and Antiope (Queen of the Amazons). Stone relief (500 BCE) from the temple of Apollo, Eretria, Greece


    Wounded amazon; from Virunum, the capital of the Roman province of Noricum, Austria. Marble, 73 cm


    Amazons seeking asylum in the sancturay of Artemis. Freeze from the temple of Emperor Hadrian, Ephesus. Marble relief (3rd-4th CE) Height 60 cm, length 209 cm Inv. 713-716