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    Cylinder seal and imprint from Mari, Archaic Dynasties. Top register: agricultural scene, milking cows, goats. Bottom register: Human-headed bull between two heroes with maces;eagle with lion-head. H: 4,3 cm AO 10920


    Gold ring with the cartouche of Tutankhamon (1347-1336 BCE), found in the tomb of Tell el-Adjul. New Kingdom (16th-11th BCE), Egypt.


    Seal and imprint, Assyrian, 9th-6th BCE.Cultic scene, a man and a geni around the horned dragon, symbol of the gods Marduk and Nabu. Cornelian, H: 2,4 cm AO 22346


    Cylinder seal and imprint, Paleo-Babylonian period. Deity with the vase overflowing with the water of life; two Gilgamesh (?), a warrior goddess. Jasper, H: 3 cm AO 11566


    A priest in prayer before the symbols for Marduk, chief god of Babylon, and Nabu, god of wisdom and writing. Neo-Babylonian 7th-6th BCE Round seal, blue glazed clay, 4,5 cm across AO 5684

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    Cylinder seal and imrpint, Syro-Hittite, 12th BCE. Deity standing on a bull facing another deity on a horse-like animal. From Northern Syria. Haematite, AO 558


    Cylinder seal and imprint; harem scene or cultic scene before the queen or goddess Anahita. Achaemenid period, 6th-4th BCE Calcedon (quartz) AO 22359


    Cylinder seal with knob; Ivriz, god of thunderstorms approaches the Great Goddess who lifts her veil. A deity surrounded by flames (the sun-god) escapes from a mountain in which he was imprisoned. 15th Haematite, H: 4,5 cm AO 20138


    The royal seal of the Hittite King Tudhalija IV from a message to the King of Ugarit, Ras Shamra. Seal imprint on a clay tablet. 1250-1220 BCE 10 x 7.8 x 4.4 cm - AO 21091


    Imprint of a cylindrical seal showing a ziggurat and a priest or god. From Babylon.


    Seal of Jeroboam, King of Israel (1000 BCE). Copy of lost original


    Seal ring with menorah design, bronze (4th CE); Byzantine medallions, glass and lead (2nd-3rd CE) Roman ; Jewish teressa coin, lead (2nd CE) Roman.


    Clay tablet with imprint of the seal stamp of King Mursil II (1345-1320 BCE). Late middle Syrian period (mid 13th BCE) from the south archives of the palace at Ugarit (Ras Shamra), Syria - 14.2 x 8.8 cm


    Cylinder seal and imprint: adoration of the storm god Adad. Agate, 3 x 1,1 cm AO 22347


    Cylinder seal and imprint, Neo-Babylonian (612-539 BCE) Gilgamesh fighting a bull; shepherd and mountain goats. Cornelian, H: 3,4 cm AO 4770


    Seal and imprint: Cult of Marduk and Nabu. Chalcedony, 4,1 x 1,8 cm AO 7217


    Cylinder seal and imprint, Paleo-Babylonian period. Offering scene. Haematite, H: 2,,4 cm AO 22314


    Cylinder seal and imprint, Neo-Babylonian period 612-539 BCE. Seal of a Babylonian physician; a sphinx. Lapis lazuli, H: 4,1 cm AO 4485


    Cylinder seal and imprint, Assyrian period. A hero with sickle-like weapon (harpe), fighting a griffin; another figure carrying a dead moufflon and hare. Cornelian, H: 3,3 cm AO 9040


    Carnelian seal stone, Sasanian, 5th century. This is an exceptionally large and finely carved Sasanian carnelian seal stone. The inscription, in Pahlavi characters, names him as 'Vehdin-Shapur, chief store-keeper of Iran'. He was probably an official under Yazdagird II (reigned AD 438-57). His high rank is shown by his elaborate headdress. ANE, 119994


    Gold seal ring of Pharaoh Horemheb, commander-in-chief under Amenophis IV (1365-1347 BCE), then Pharaoh (1332-1305 BCE) during the restauration period at the the beginning of 19th Dynasty, New Kingdom, Egypt. N 747


    Cylinder seal and imprint: a god on a horned dragon. Neo-Assyrian, from Mesopotamia Stone, 3,8 x 1,4 cm AO 30255


    Seal of Raymond VII, count of Toulouse (1197-1249) He was excommunicated by Pope Honorius VIII for his support of the Cathars, but under pressure from the Pope, he became their worst enemy.


    Cylinder seal and imprint, Assyrian. Two figures around an altar; above the altar a solar disk with wings; a god on a bull. Agate, H: 3 cm AO 22347


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