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    Vase with ship and animals. Painted pottery, Pre-Dynastic Period (34th-30th BCE), Egypt. Inv. 20 304

    08-01-10/ 1

    Trojan Horse. Scenes from the Trojan War on the neck of an earthenware amphora (around 670 BCE) Total height 143 cm

    10-01-02/ 4

    Siren (Mermaid).Overall view. Attic red-figured stamnos (5th BCE).


    Combat scene. A wounded or dead hoplite lies on the ground. Black-figured hydria, same as 10-03-03/46 (560-550 BCE) Inv. E 735


    Goddess Inanna (Innin) behind her symbols (two sheafs of reed). Detail from the Warka-Vase, a limestone cult vase from Uruk, Mesopotamia (Iraq).


    A sacrifice. A bull, a garland hanging from his horns, is led to the altar. Red-figured pelike. Same pelike as 10-03-03/7 and 8 Inv. 1144

    10-03-03/ 9

    Helios on his chariot drawn by four horses. Monumental southern Italian Greek vase (330 BCE) from Canosa di Pulia, Italy.


    Hermes sacrificing a dog disguised as a pig. Red-figured Attic cup, 510-500 BCE Terracotta, H: 7.5 cm, D: 20 cm, painting 10.2 cm Inv. IV 3691


    Banqueting scene. Guests reclining and drinking, a female aulete plays the aulos, the double flute. Red-figured bell-crater. First quarter 4th BCE Inv. G 524


    Footrace of four fully armed hoplites (Greek infantrymen). Black-figured amphora, a prize for the winner of the hoplite race at the Panathenaic Games.Signs on shields are three circles, a lion and a plane tree leaf.


    Ulysses on his raft made of two vases floating on the waves of the sea. Boeotian cotula (cup) (5th BCE) from Thebes, Greece. Height 15 cm


    Running hoplite (heavily armed Greek infantryman), with shield, spear and helmet. Interior of a red-figured cup from Tanagra. 520-510 BCE Inv. CA 1527


    Fighting soldiers, a white dove on the shield. Amphora, black-figured, Pontic original (6th BCE). 47.5 x 29.4 cm Inv. 198092


    Ulysses and Calypso. Red-figured vase (5th BCE).


    Three participants in a footrace at the Panathenaic Games. Black-figured amphora, a prize for the winners. The obverse side shows Athena between two columns on which perch two cocks. See 10-03-04/47.


    Banqueting scene. Guests reclining, a youth refilling a cup. Rim of a red.figured cup. Same cup as 10-03-04/31,33 460-450 BCE Inv. G 467


    Water, corn growing from water, sheep, men bearing gifts, and the Goddess Inanna (Innin). five rows of limestone bas-reliefs on the Warka-Vase, a cult vase from Uruk, Mesopotamia (Iraq).


    The Uruk Vase - detail. See also 08-02-05/56,57. Men bearing gifts to the goddess Inanna (Innin), a bull and agricultural products. Limestone, around 2.900 BCE

    08-02-09/ 5

    Coffer with small vases of glass, alabaster, ceramics from the tomb of architect Kha - under Amenophis III (1411-1375 BCE) - at Deir el-Medina, Egypt. 18th Dynasty, New Kingdom.


    Ulysses and Teiresias. Red-figured vase (5th BCE). Luynes Collection 731 Inv. 422


    Four Cretan tribute-bearers. Thebes,tomb of Menkheperrasonb, No.86, period of Tuthmosis III (1478-1448 BCE) Ancient Egyptian Paintings,selected,copied & described by Nina M.Davies; plate XXIII


    Ulysses and Elpenor meeting in the underworld after Elpenor's death in Circe's cave. Attic red-figured pelike (5th BCE).


    Palestra-scene, youths playing a ball game. Red-figured amphora (around 515 BCE) Inv. G 42


    Running warriors with shields and spears. Red-figured crater. Same crater as 10-03-04/36 500-490 BCE Inv. G 47


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