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    Your search results for "5th Bce" (659 images)
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    Goddess Hera. Attic wine cup (470 BCE).


    Oarsmen rowing. Attic red-figured stamnos (5th BCE).


    Two priestesses preparing two bulls for sacrifice. Attic red-figured skyphos (5th BCE).


    Banqueting scene, guest reclining, a musician playing the aulos. Center medallion of a red-figured cup (around 490) Inv. G 135

    10-03-04/ 1

    Two prisoners, hands tied, led by two hoplites (heavily armed Greek infantrymen). Red-figured Attic oenochoe.


    Seated man served by a veiled maid-servant. Detail of the the middle zone of an embossed sheet-bronze situale (two parts joined by rivets) from Vace, Slovenia. See also 07-02-02/36, 37 Height: 24 cm


    Head of Poseidon. Bronze figure (460 BCE) from the Artemisisum at Cape Sounion. Detail of 10-02-01/28 Height 195 cm Inv. 15161


    Young woman dancing to the tune of a double flute (aulos), played by a young man. Red-figured oenochoe, around 450-440 BCE G 574


    A sacrifice. Gods and officiating priests surround altar and fire. Red-figured pelike. Same pelike as 10-03-03/7 and 9 Inv. 1144

    10-03-03/ 8

    Warriors leaving for battle. Red-figured cup from Capone, same as 10-03-04/18 Around 480 BCE Inv. G 271


    Two attendants (spectators ?) at a fist-fight. See 07-01-03/26-31. From the "Kuffarn Situla", a sheet bronze vessel with embossed ornaments showing drinking scenes, a fist-fight, rider and two-wheel horse carts. From Kuffarn, Lower Austria. H: 25 cm


    Gold torque and bracelet from the tomb of Rheinheim, Saarland, Germany.


    Detail of a gold torque (neckband) found at Erstfeld, Uri, Switzerland (end of 5th or early 4th BCE)

    09-01-02/ 4

    Persephone and goddess Hecate (Demeter). Stone relief (5th BCE)


    Hunting hares: the old hunter. Black-figured Attic lekythos, around 500 BCE Inv. IV 194


    Warriors lying in ambush. Red-figured cup from Chiusi, same as 10-03-03/54 and 56 (around 500 BCE) Inv. G 25


    Aulete, a musician playing the aulos, a double flute. Center medallion of a red-figured cup from Vulci. Around 490 BCE Inv. G 313


    Warriors putting on their armour. One binding his greaves. Red-figured crater. Same crater as 10-03-04/35 500-490 BCE Inv. G 47


    A man with helmet. Bronze figure from Idrija pri Baci, Slovenia. Height: 12 cm


    Two soldiers with rectangular shields. Detail from the middle zone of the embossed and engraved sheet-bronze Arnoaldi Situla (Arnoaldi Necropolis, grave 2), Bologna, Italy. Height: 5 cm


    Cow and calf as handle for a bowl used to scoop soup or broth from a larger vessel. Detail: the cow is riveted to the bottom of the bowl. See 07-02-02/45 From tomb 671, Hallstatt Archaeological Site, Austria Bronze, 29.4 cm across.


    Mask of a bearded man and other metal fittings from a wooden pitcher. From tomb 44/2 on Duerrnberg Mountain near Hallein, Austria. Height (of mask) 8 cm


    Ornament from a parade chariot of the sun-god, apothropaeic representation, fastened with bolts on the front of the chariot. Bronze, origin unknown (5th BCE). Height 12 cm, width 16 cm - Inv. V 561


    Music lesson, a pupil learns to play the aulos-flute. Red-figured cup, Attic, early 5th BCE Terracotta, height: 13.5 cm, diam.: 33.2 cm One of three views of 10-03-02/3 and 5. Inv. IV 3698

    10-03-02/ 4

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