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    Your search results for "6th Bce" (871 images)
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    Two horsemen fighting, shieldbearers, man in a broad hat. Detail of an embossed sheet-bronze clasp from Vace, Slovenia.


    Two iron antenna daggers with bronze handle and bronze scabbard, from the Hallstatt burial site, Austria. Dagger in the rear, length: 44.6 cm

    07-01-04/ 8

    The "Duerrnberg Flask". Bronze flask with spout from a princely tomb (5th-4th BCE) on the Duerrnberg, Hallein, Austria. Detail of the lower handle (07-02-01/25). See also 07-02-01/26, 28-31. Flask height 47 cm


    Gold bead with plaited gold chain from a tumulus at Ins, Switzerland Diameter of the bead: 1.2 cm


    Circular brooch with ornaments and pendant small human figures, from the Hallstatt burial site. Bronze


    Iron swords and a bronze helmet (3rd-1st BCE), found while dredging the lower Doubs and middle Saone.


    Apollo of Veio. Etruscan, terracotta; 6th century BCE. See also 03-05-06/41 and 03-05-01/13


    Iron ingot, blacksmith's tools and iron objects from the Byci skala Cave, Moravia, Czechoslovakia (6th-5th BCE)


    Reclining goddess or odalisque. Alabaster figurine with gold incrustations and garnets (Seleucidan era, 312-64 BCE) from Babylon, Mesopotamia (Iraq) Length 21 cm - AO 20129


    Palestra-scene, youths playing a ball game. Red-figured amphora (around 515 BCE) Inv. G 42


    Two pugilists and a rider. Detail of an embossed sheet-bronze clasp from Magdalenska Gora, Slovenia.


    Cyclops Polyphemus. Marble head (2nd BCE)


    Winged lion with ram's head and griffin's hind legs. Glazed tile frieze (500 BCE) from the palace of Dareios the Great (522-486 BCE), Susa, Iran Glazed tiles,165 x 209 cm Sb 3326


    Courtesan fastening her sandal. Neck of a red-figured amphora (525-515 BCE) attributed to the Oltos Painter Height 38.5 cm G 2


    Attic marble figure of Apollo, known as the Munich Kouros; 540-530 BCE.


    Procession of archers,glazed tiles,H:200 cm Detail of two life-size archers (515 BCE) from the palace of Dareios the Great (522-486 BCE), Susa, Iran


    Cylinder seal and imprint; harem scene or cultic scene before the queen or goddess Anahita. Achaemenid period, 6th-4th BCE Calcedon (quartz) AO 22359


    Sleeping Ariadne. Roman replica of a marble figure (3rd-2nd BCE) found at the Villa Borgheses, Rome Length 150 cm MA 340


    "The holy bird of Artemis". Hawk with streched wings. Gold clasp (1st half of 6th BCE) from the foundations of the temple of Artemis Ephesus, Turkey Height 2.6 cm - weight 45 g


    Statue of a kouros, ascribed to Myron. Marble (6th BCE)

    10-01-06/ 6

    Heracles fighting Cerberus, the hell-hound, one of his twelve labours. Black-figured hydria from Caere, 530-525 BCE Terracotta, height: 43 cm Inv. E 701


    Votive cippus (small stone marker) with bilingual inscription in Phoenician and Greek. from Rabat, Malta. Marble, engraved (7th-6th BCE). 50 x 23.5 x 8 cm


    Gold bracelets, hollow pin-heads, and earrings from a tomb at Schoeckingen, Germany Diameters: 5.4 - 6.2 cm; 1.9 - 3 cm; 1.2 - 1.3 cm

    07-01-02/ 7

    Two antenna daggers with bronze handle and scabbard, from the Hallstatt burial site, Austria. Detail of 07-01-04/10. Left dagger, overall length: 44.6 cm

    07-01-04/ 9

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