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    Your search results for "Nero, Caesar" (13 images)
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    The torches of Nero. Oil on canvas (1876) 385 x 704 cm Inv. MNK IIa-1


    The burning of Rome. Canvas, 76 x 93 cm


    Filippino Lippi (self-portrait, far right): Disputation between Saint Peter, Saint Paul, and the sorcerer Simon Magus, in the presence of Emperor Nero (Legenda Aurea). Left of Nero: Pollaiolo (red cap) and Leon Battista Alberti (fur cap). 1481-1483. See also 40-07-08/1-24


    Young Nero (37-68 CE). Marble statue Height 122 cm MA 1210


    The death of Seneca. Ascribed to van Oost. Around 1640 Canvas, 234 x 171 cm Inv. 2929


    Saint Paul and Saint Peter before the Emperor (Nero). Enamel plaque from a reliquary or altar in England (1180-1185)

    15-01-01/ 5

    La mort de Seneque - The death of Seneca. Lucius Aennaeus Seneca, Stoic philosopher (4 BCE-65 CE) forced by Emperor Nero to commit suicide. Canvas, 155 x 188 cm M.I. 871


    Frescos from the spandrels of the main hallof the Assemblee nationale, Paris: Seneca cuts his veins.


    Silver coin with the head of Emperor Nero (37-68 CE). From the Caphernaum-treasure.


    Octavia,daughter of Emperor Claudius, wife of Nero, divorced and murdered 62 CE. Marble bust, Inv. I 1316

    10-04-05/ 3

    The disputation between Saint Peter, Saint Paul and the sorcerer Simon Magus in the presence of Emperor Nero. See 40-07-08/18. Detail: Emperor Nero, painter Antonio del Pollaiolo and Leone Alberti, artist and art theoretician. 1481-1483. See 40-07-08/1-24


    Roman Emperor Nero (54-68 CE) Latin inscription. Bust on the recto of a silver coin.


    The Jupiter Column in Mainz, Germany (copy, original at the Mitthelreinisches Landesmuseum). The column was erected in honour of Emperor Nero by the citizens of the suburbs of the Roman military settlement of Mogontiacum in 65 CE.

    10-04-02/ 6