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    Your search results for "4th Bce" (250 images)
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    Archidamo of Sparta.Portrait bust Marble Inv.6156


    Alkmene,sitting on a rock between Zeus and Hermes; a scene from Euripides' tragedy "Alkmene". Crater of Sicilian production,painted by a vasepainter in the style of the painter of Hekate.350-340 BCE.

    03-05-02/ 8

    Necklace of four rows of gold pearls and precious stones, Sb 19355. Necklace of gold pearls with 18 pendants with coral, lapis lazuli and turquoise, Sb 2763. Both from a princely tomb in Susa, 4th BCE.


    Sea-serpent. Terracotta (330 BCE-1 CE).


    Heracles. Bronze statuette, Roman copy of a Greek original (1st half 4th BCE) Height 33.2 cm Inv. VI 2722


    Heracles with the bull. Bronze statuette (2nd half 4th BCE). Height 4.5 cm Inv. VI 367


    Two gold earrings (380-350 BCE) with ornaments. Treasure of Vraca.


    Heracles and the Nemean lion (top). Silver and pearl central ornate plate of a shield (350-300 BCE). Treasure of Panagjuriste


    Two silver fibulae from Lom (4th BCE)


    Eumaios awaiting the return of Ulysses. Melian relief, terracotta (around 460-450 BCE) Fletcher Fund 1930 Height 16 cm Inv. 30.11.9


    Victorious athlete offering a libation, around 470 BCE. Bronze. Paros-style?

    03-05-01/ 9

    The quarrel between Tydeus and Polyneikes under the gate of Argos where they have taken refuge.Adrasto,King of Argos,tries to separate them.Appearing in the door are his daughters,destined to marry the two fighting heroes. Crater,Sicilian production, 350 - 340 BCE Detail of 10-03-07/4

    03-05-02/ 4

    The death of Hypolitos.The horses of his quadriga shy before the monster which Aphrodite has sent from the depth of the sea.Around 340 BCE. Crater,Sicilian production,from tomb 229 bis.

    03-05-02/ 5

    Ushebti-statue,Tshahorpata,chief of the conjurers of the Goddess Sekhmet. Reign of Pharaoh Nectanebos II. 30th dynasty. Faience,H:28 cm E 5580


    Necklace of agate-pearls, funeral gift from a princely tomb in Susa; Achaemenid period, 4th BCE. Sb 1270


    Ephebe sitting on a rock. Terracotta figurine (late 4th BCE) from Tanagra, Boeotia, Greece. Height 17 cm CA 656


    Grotesque figure of sitting hunchback holding rolls of papyrus (Aesopus ?). Bronze statuette (330 BCE-1 CE) from Hadra near Alexandria, Egypt. Height 7 cm. Br 4237


    A fish, tied to a bed. Probably a sacrificial scene. Clay and red paint (4th BCE).


    The Amazonian sarcophagus depicts the battle between the Greek heroes and the mythical female warriors. 2nd half 4th BCE. Detail left side Marble, L: 264 cm Inv. I 169


    Eight horse heads. Ornamental plate, gilded silver (400-350 BCE). Treasure of Letnica.


    Bacchus and Hermes. Marble (350-300 BCE). Treasure of Panagjuriste.


    Ulysses sacrificing. Bas-relief from an Etruscan sarcophagus, Pepper-tree wood. Probably copy of a 5th BCE painting. 92.5 x 81 cm Torre San Severo, Italy


    Drum of a column with snake design and lead clamp to hold drums together (6th-1st BCE), on the island of Delos, Greece. Delos, according to Greek myths, was the place where Leto gave birth to Zeus' twins Apollo and Artemis.


    Red-figured ceramic skyphos with owl; 4th century BCE.


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