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    Your search results for "Inanna, Goddess Sumer, Uruk" (5 images)
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    Goddess Inanna (Innin) behind her symbols (two sheafs of reed). Detail from the Warka-Vase, a limestone cult vase from Uruk, Mesopotamia (Iraq).


    Water, corn growing from water, sheep, men bearing gifts, and the Goddess Inanna (Innin). five rows of limestone bas-reliefs on the Warka-Vase, a cult vase from Uruk, Mesopotamia (Iraq).


    The Uruk Vase - detail. See also 08-02-05/56,57. Men bearing gifts to the goddess Inanna (Innin), a bull and agricultural products. Limestone, around 2.900 BCE

    08-02-09/ 5

    The Uruk Trough, from Uruk (Warka,Iraq), Late Prehistoric period (3300-3000 BCE). The carving on the side shows a procession of sheep approaching a reed hut and two lambs emerging. It may have been a cult object in the temple of Inanna (Ishtar), the Sumerian goddess of love and fertility.A bundle of reeds (Inanna's symbol) project from the hut and at the edges of the scene. ANE, 120000 (1928-7-14,1)

    03-03-01/ 7

    Fragment of a large cylinder seal;top:bull,center a draped figure (Goddess Inanna?) offering a libation. H:6 cm AO 6620