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    Your search results for "Cult: Reliquary" (124 images)
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    Box shaped reliquary in silver gilt with precious stones; Lombard era; end of the 8th century CE. see also 30-01-01/62


    Pippin's reliquary,or the reliquary of the circumcision 9th-11th century.Front with crucifixion,Virgin Mary and Saint John apostle surrounded by intricate filigree work. Wooden core,gold,precious stones,gems, enamelwork. 18,5 cm x 18,5 cm


    A Prophet. Second figure, bottom row on the right side. Detail from the Shrine of the Three Magi at the high chancel of the cathedral of Cologne. Gold, enamel, precious stones, antique gems, cameos (begun 1181)


    0310000093 Gold and enamel reliquary cross, Byzantine, early 11th century.This is a view of the closed pendant. The reverse of the pendant depicts the Virgin Mary with St Basil the Great and St Gregory Thaumaturgus. This small pendant has been found on the site of the Great Palace at Constantinople.ME, 1965,6-4,1


    "Arm of Saint George",a silverwork with reliquies of Saint Georges,a monk of Conques in the 9th century, who became bishop of Lodeve in 877. Partly gilded silver on a wooden core, H:58 cm


    Shrine of the sons of Burgundian King Sigismund. On the narrow side Saint Maurice,martyred on the site of the abbey in the 3rd CE; He is shown, not as a Roman officer, but as a medieval knight in armour. Chased silver, gilt.


    The sudarium of St. Victor with men and lions.


    Cover of the Staurothek. Angel and Saint John Baptist Detail of 15-01-01/32. Reliquary for the wood of the True Cross, Limburg. Enamel and jewels (ca. 948-959)


    Staurothek (reliquary of the Holy Cross). Triptych. Saints and benefactors of the Benedictine Abbey in Mettlach, Germany , founded by the Frankish Prince Liutwin. Obverse side. Gold and enamel (1220)


    Christ enthroned, with two angels (on the gable, obverse side). Detail from the Shrine of the Three Magi at the high chancel of the cathedral. Gold, enamel, precious stones, antique gems, cameos (begun 1181)


    Reliquary arm,arm of Saint Luke. The saint, although a physician by trade, became the patron saint of painters and sculptors becuse he was said to have painted the portrait of Saint Mary. Naples around 1336-38 Gilded silver,enamel,rock-crystal. From the Treasury of Medina del Campo OA 10944


    Fragment of the sudarium of St. Austremoine with riders and lions. Four thread samite


    So called reliquary letter "A" of Charlemagne,workshop of Abbot Begon III.According to legend,Charlemagne gave reliquaries with letters of the alphabet to all monasteries he patronized.Two angels with censers. Gold,gilded silver,enamel,filigree. H:42,5 cm


    Saint Veronica with the sudarium of Christ,1420. Oil on walnut, 44,2 x 33,7 cm. NG 687


    Cover of the sarcophagus of Imeneminet . Agglomerated linen.Between his legs he carries the reliquary of Abydos (the head of Osiris). The Djed-pillar is on the back of the inside of the sarcophagus. E 5534


    Christ's Flagellation and the Prophet Jeremiah (on the reverse side). Detail from the Shrine of the Three Magi, high chancel of the cathedral. Gold, enamel, precious stones, antique gems, cameos (begun 1181)


    Shrine of Saint Maurice,a reliquary of the saint kept on the site of his martyrdom.A Christian officer in the Theban legion, he and his men were executed when they refused to sacrifice to Roman gods.Two cherubim flank Saints Peter and Paul. Chased silver,gilt,jewels.


    Vessel made of one large sardonyx-gem, of antique but unknown origin (Rome,Alexandria?).Even the scene,a hero with chariot,an old man,grieving women,is unidentified; perhaps Phaidra and Hippolytos. Mounting from the time of Dagobert,king of the Franks (died 639).


    Reliquary chest, wood, silver gilded.

    30-01-02/ 6

    Base of the reliquary of Abydos,the city where Osiris is said to be buried.The four winged lions represent the four goddesses who protect the reliquary. Diorite,H:14,6 cm E 11072

    08-01-20/ 5

    "Scenes from the lapidation of Saint Stephen". Detail of the Reliquary of Saint Stephen (last quarter 12th) Limoges enamel Size: 25 x 28 x 11 cm

    15-01-01/ 6

    Bust-reliquary of Saint Cornelius, Patron Saint of animal husbandry, wearing the papal Tiara. Gold, silver, and pearls (1350-1360) Height: 78 cm November 8th

    15-01-04/ 1

    Shrine of Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia, Margravine of Thuringia, reliquary. Gilded copper and enamel (1235-1250)


    Reliquary of the "Vraie Croix de Jaucourt" carried by two angels. Byzantine,12th-13th,Mount Cham Church of Joucourt,Aube. Gilt silver and copper, 26 x 38 x 17 cm OA 6749


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