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    Your search results for "Regalia, Crown Jewels" (173 images)
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    Imperial orb, sword, and scabbard, insignia and regalia of the Holy Roman Empire. Sword: gold, silver wire, enamel, garnets. L: 110 cm First hald 11th Inv. XIII 17


    Bust of Emperor Charlemagne. The reliquary includes part of the emperor's skull and was ordered and donated by Emperor Karl IV. The bust was carried in procession during the imperial coronation ceremonies. Bust reliquary, 1349

    15-01-04/ 2

    King Louis XIV of France (1638-1715) in coronation robes. The young king wears the Order du Saint Esprit, in his left hand the scepter of Hugues Capet,the "hand of justice", in his right the scepter with the French lily. Canvas, 137,5 x 105 cm Inv. 3208


    Crown of the Empress Constanza of Aragon, (died 1222), wife of Emperor Friedrich II of Hohenstaufen.

    30-01-04/ 1

    Blue crown "Kheprech". Pottery, 18th Dynasty (16th-14th BCE), New Kingdom, Egypt.


    Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821) as King of Italy Between 1805 and 1810 Canvas, 100 x 75 cm Inv. 2346


    Ferdinand IV (1751-1825), King of Naples. (He was also known as Ferdinand III, King of Sicily and Ferdinand I, King of the Two Sicilies. Husband of Marie Carolina of Austria.) Canvas, 18th century.

    39-19-05/ 5

    Crown of the Kings of Bohemia. Gold, pearls, precious stones (1346)


    Empress Zoe (1028-1050) holding the deed for the endowment of the church. Full Mosaic shows Christ flanked by Zoe and Emperor Constantine IX Monomachos. Detail of 15-03-09/18


    Reliquary of Saint Stephen, part of the insignia and regalia of the Holy Roman Empire, second quarter 9th. Gold, silver, precious stones, probably from Reims. H: 32 cm Inv. XIII, 26


    Horse head, ceremonial axe, insignium of a dignitary or chieftain, from the Sarviz Canal, Tolna, Hungary. Bronze Height 8.5, length 12 cm


    East Roman Emperor Justinian I (482-565) with crown and sceptre. Mosaic

    15-03-02/ 1

    Eleanor of Portugal (1434-1467), wife of Emperor Friedrich III. The Empress wears the crown of her coronation in 1452. On the arm of her chair the arms of Austria and Portugal. Dress: Italian velvet with pomegranate design. Wood, 79 x 51,1 cm, Inv. 4399

    26-01-01/ 2

    Napoleon on his imperial throne. 1806 Oil on canvas, 259 x 162 cm Inv.5420/Ea 89/1


    Countess Uta. donor figure from the west-choir of Naumburg Cathedral.


    Coronation mantle of Norman King Roger II of Sicily, embroidery, silk and pearls, Royal workshop, Palermo, Italy. Tree of life in the center, lions killing camels on either side. Kufic inscription around the border, giving the Hegira date 528 (1133-1134}, Inv. XIII 14 See 30-01-02/15-18


    Fath Ali Shah (1762–1834), the secong Qajar King of Persia from 1797 to 1834, nephew and successor of Aga Muhammad Khan, founder of the Qajar dynasty. Around 1805, Iran. Oil on canvas,227 x 131 cm

    03-04-01/ 9

    King Milutin of Serbia, Uros II., from the north-end of the west wall, Church of the Dormition, Prizren, Kosovo.


    Crown of the Holy Roman Empire (962?) made for Emperor Otto I (912-973) Gold, silver, precious stones from Reichenau (?), Germany Inv. XIII 1

    30-01-02/ 8

    Crown of Byzantine Emperor Constantine IX Monomachos (reigned 1042-1055). Gold, enamel, precious stones.

    30-01-04/ 3

    The Chapel in Charlottenburg Palace. On the canopy above the king's stall, the Prussian crown is carried by two putti and a Prussian eagle (18th).


    Crown made for the coronation of Napoleon I,presumably after the crown of Charlemagne.Gilt silver and cameos, 1804 INV MS 91


    Queen Isabel II (1830-1904). Daughter of Maria Christina Bourbon and Ferdinand VII. Queen of Spain 1843-1868 (deposed). Canvas


    Count Ekkehard and Countess Uta. Donor figures from the west choir of Naumburg Cathedral.


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