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    Your search results for "Regalia, Crown Jewels" (173 images)
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    Potence of the Herald (chain of arms) of the Order of The Golden Fleece (after 1517): neck chain and collar with 26 plaques, in each two armorial shields with the arms of a knight of the order.


    Robert of Anjou,King of Naples,around 1335-1340. The king sits holding an orb and sceptre, wearing a red robe. The background is decorated with gold fleur-de-lys with inscriptions,on a blue background.From an address to Robert of Anjou from the town of Prato,Tuscany,which had placed itself under his protection .Roy.6.E.IX.fol.10 v


    Maria Theresia, Holy Roman Empress, Queen of Hungary, Bohemia (1717-1780). Engraving after Martin Meytens. Phototype from "Allgemeines Historisches Porträtwerk" (historical portraits), a collection of 600 portraits of the most famous persons of all cultures and origis since 1300. Volume one: dukes and popes. Munich, 1884. Verlagsanstalt fuer Kunst und Wissenschaft, vormals Friedrich Bruckmann.


    Karl IV, King of Bohemia 1346, Roman Emperor 1355. Portrait-bust from the triforium of Prague's Saint Vitus Cathedral.

    40-05-02/ 6

    Emperor Karl V as Master of the World - allegory. Around 1607. Canvas, 166,5 x 141 cm Inv.303


    Louis XIII, king of France Canvas, 190 x 150 cm INV. 1167


    Caesar Claudius (41-54 CE) with scepter. Chalcedony Height 14.5 cm Inv. IX A 23


    The coronation of Napoleon I (1769-1821). Field-marshal Berthier holds the imperial orb; Talleyrand in profile, Cathedral of Notre-Dame. Oil on canvas, 621 x 979 Inv. 3699


    Triumphal Arch ('Ehrenpforte') for Emperor Maximilian I. Dated 1515. Detail of 33-02-02/65. Woodcut. The Betrothal of Maximilian with Mary of Burgundy (Burgundian Marriage).


    Carlos II as Grand Master of the Order of the Golden Fleece. Last Spanish Habsburg, died without issue. Oil on canvas


    Empress Kunigunde, wife of Heinrich II (1002-1024), founder of the monastery of Polling, Bavaria. Around 1760. Wood and stucco.


    The coronation of Napoleon I (1769-1821) by Pope Pius VII in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris. Detail:Napoleon crowns his wife,Josephine Beauharnais. Oil on canvas,621 x 979 cm Inv. 3699


    The Adoration of the Magi. Emperor John VIII Palaeologos. Detail of 40-14-01/59 Fresco (1459)


    Claudius as Caesar and God. Sceptre, trophy, chained Barbarian. Sardonyx, 2 layers, frame (19th) Height 7 cm Inv. IX A 54


    King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba (I Kings, 10:1-10) from the choir of Saint Thomas church in Strasbourg. Around 1270. H: 63 cm


    Entrance door of the Theater an der Wien, topped by the double-headed eagle, symbol of Imperial Austria. Beneath it a small group of figures from Mozart's opera The Magic Flute.


    Emperor Maximilian I, son of Friedrich III, with crown, sceptre, and sword. The Emperor wears a suit of armour of around 1500, probably by Lorenz Helmschmied of Augs- burg, Germany. Through the window: hunting chamois Wood, 77 x 45,5 cm, Inv. 2599

    26-01-01/ 4

    Emperor Franz I (II) in coronation robes of the Austrian Empire. After his abdication as ruler of the Holy Roman Empire, Franz created the Austrian Empire and reigned as Emperor Franz I over the Habsburg lands.


    Leopold V "der Tugendhafte" - the Virtuous (1177- 1194),kneeling with ducal crown, is invested with the Dukedom of Austria by Emperor Friedrich I "Barbarossa" (1122-1190).From the Babenberg family tree, painted by several unknown artists, 1489-1491


    Chanukkah lamp (menorah) around 1700 - silver. Two-headed Austrian eagle (added after 1806), flanked by two rampant lions on flower and acanthus leaves. From Gdansk,Poland H: 22 cm Inv.477


    Saint Louis, roi de France et un page - Saint Louis, king of France, and a pageboy. Canvas, 120 x 96,5 cm R.F. 1507

    40-06-04/ 1

    Emperor Heinrich II (1002-1024), founder of the Augustinian monastery of Polling, Bavaria. 1760 Wood and stucco.


    Emperor Friedrich III crowning Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini Poeta Laureatus. Fresco (1502) Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini became Pope Pius II in 1458.


    The raven crown of Jigme Namgyel (1825-1881). It was worn as a helmet by the father of the first king Ugyen Wangchuck in the 1865 war against the British and is the model for the future royal crowns of Bhutan, named after the raven-headed deity Legon Jaro Doncen. H:26 cm

    04-01-02/ 2

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