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    Your search results for "Gods: Ancient Orient" (91 images)
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    The goddess Astarte, from the Hebron area, Israel. Pottery relief (around 1400 BCE) Late Bronze Age II


    Goddess Gula with her dog, Kudurru of Nazimarutash, from the temple of Marduk,Babylon. Black limestone, 2nd half 14th BCE. Kassite period.


    Four Astarte figurines. Clay (around 1000 BCE) Iron Age II


    Goddess Inanna (Innin) behind her symbols (two sheafs of reed). Detail from the Warka-Vase, a limestone cult vase from Uruk, Mesopotamia (Iraq).


    Basalt statue dedicated to Hadad, god of thunderstorms, by Shamash-nuri and Hadad-isi, king of Guzana and his son. The inscription praises Hadad and threatens persons who damage the statue with the god's wrath. From Tell Fekherye H: 165 cm Inv. 7439


    Kudurru of Babylonian King Melishishu II,1202-1188 BCE who presents his daughter (holding a harp) to Nanai, goddess of health and medicine (detail of 08-02-05/60) Black limestone Kudurru found at Susa, Iran 83 x 42 cm - Sb 23


    The Assyrian King Ashurbanipal (668-627 BCE) leads the vanquished by a nose-ring. The left kneeling figure is Ushanakhuru, son of Pharaoh Taharqa, on the right the Baal of Tyrus. Granite stele (7th BCE) from Babylon, Mesopotamia (Iraq).


    The demon-god Pazuzu, an Akkadian-Sumerian evil spirit.An inscription says: "I am Pazuzu, king of evil spirits and of the winds which come raging down from the mountains..." This figurine, hung around the neck of a sick person, was supposed to drive sickness away. H:15 cm, MNB 467


    God Baal of the thunderstorm, gilded bronze idol, with an Egyptian-style crown. From Minet-el-Beida, the port of ancient Ugarit (Ras Shamra, Syria). Bronze and gold, H: 17,9 cm AO 11 598


    The goddess Astarte, on her head the sun-disk and the Hathor-crown..Bronze and silver sheeted figure, Egyptian influence (8th BCE). From Phoenicia. Bronze, silver, H: 20.1 AO 2701


    Shamash-ush-usur, governor of Suhi and Mari, praying to the gods Adad and Ishtar. Bas-relief from the palace of Nebuchadnezzar II (605-562 BCE) Babylon, Mesopotamia (Iraq)


    Goddess Astarte in a window."Woman in a window:) Ivory relief from Arslan Tash, ancient Hadatu, Northern Syria. 8.1 x 8 cm AO 11459


    Water, corn growing from water, sheep, men bearing gifts, and the Goddess Inanna (Innin). five rows of limestone bas-reliefs on the Warka-Vase, a cult vase from Uruk, Mesopotamia (Iraq).


    The Uruk Vase - detail. See also 08-02-05/56,57. Men bearing gifts to the goddess Inanna (Innin), a bull and agricultural products. Limestone, around 2.900 BCE

    08-02-09/ 5

    Four Astarte figurines, supporting their breasts with hands. Israelite, from Lachish and Ein Shemesh. Terracotta, pillar-type (1000-600 BCE) Iron Age II Inv. 370-373


    Goddess Astarte, from the Gaza Strip, Israel. Pottery figurine Height 16 cm


    Bird-faced Astarte wearing a 5-pointed crown and a two-row necklace held by both hands and covering her breasts. From North Israel/South Syria. Pottery statuette (1200 BCE) Late Bronze/Iron Age I. Height 21.3 cm - Inv. H 460


    Kudurru of Babylonian king Melishishu II (1202-1188) showing emblems of the chief gods Anu,Enlil and Ea; above them the crescent of the moon god, the star of Ishtar and the sun of Shamash. At the bottom snake and scorpion of the underworld. Limestone, 68x30 cm Sb 22


    Standing god. Bronze and gold statuette Middle Syrian period, from Ugarit (Ras Shamra), Syria Height 12.2 cm


    The goddess Ishtar and her accolites on a mountain. Ishtar is shown in her warrior-aspect,with tiara and armour, her lion at her feet. From the ground around palace of Shakkanakku, Mari, period of the Amorite dynasties. 19th-18th BCE H: 11 cm Inv. 2880


    Goddess Gula with her dog. Kudurru of Nazimarutash. Above her the crescent of the moon god,the star of Ishtar,the solar disk of Shamash and the scorpion of the underworld. War booty brought to Susa, 12th BCE Black limestone,Kassite period, 55 x 22 cm Sb 21


    Seated woman. Steatite statuette Early dynastic period II, Ur I (2645-2460 BCE) from the temple of Ishtar at Mari, Syria Height 34.4 cm


    Standing god. Bronze statuette. The god, a storm-god, wears the kaunakes, the traditional garment of gods and kings since Akkadian times. Middle Syrian period, from Ugarit (Ras Shamra),Syria. Bronze, H: 13,7 cm


    The goddess Astarte, from Deir-el-Balach,near Gaza. Stone relief (1550-1200 BCE) Late Bronze Age II


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