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    Your search results for "Berruguete, Pedro" (5 images)
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    Saint Dominic presides over the burning of the heretic books of the Albigenses.The catholic books rise above the flames. Wood, 122 x 83 cm Inv.609

    40-06-06/ 4

    Federigo da Montefeltro (1422-1482) and his son. Oil


    Autodafe of St. Domingo de Guzman Autodafe presided over by Saint Domingo de Guzman The heretic Raimond was pardoned by the Saint. Wood; 154 x 92cm Cat. 618

    40-06-06/ 3

    Dead Christ with Angels, after 1472 Oil on canvas, 67 x 71 cm

    40-08-12/ 8

    The Virgin appears to a community of Dominican monks and blesses them.Right:a devil pursues a monk. Wood,130 x 86 cm Inv.615

    40-06-06/ 5