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    Your search results for "Lessing, Erich, Photographer" (6380 images)
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    Naked, circumcised prisoners of Semitic origin are led before a king on his throne.An Egyptian soldier leads the prisoners, followed by a war-chariot.Ivory, probably a furniture-ornament.From Megiddo,Israel. See also 08-05-05/22-24.Collections of IDAM, Jerusalem.


    Tribute of the desert. Thebes, tomb of Horemhab, No.78 Period of Tuthmosis IV (1420-1411 BCE) Ancient Egyptian Paintings selected,copied & described by Nina M.Davies; plate XXXV


    Rekhmere inspects brickmaking and smelting workmen. Wallpainting in the tomb of Rekhmere, vizier under Pharaohs Thutmosis III and Amenophis II (18th Dynasty, 16th-14th BCE) in the cemetery of Sheikh Abd al-Qurnah.


    Pectoral, an Egyptian-style necklace; a falcon spreading his wings, in the claws the symbol of life and the"knot of Isis".From the royal tomb III,Byblos. Gold, chased and chiselled, 19th BCE L: 20,5 cm H:6,3 cm AO 9093

    08-02-10/ 2

    Vase with ship and animals. Painted pottery, Pre-Dynastic Period (34th-30th BCE), Egypt. Inv. 20 304

    08-01-10/ 1

    Trojan Horse. Scenes from the Trojan War on the neck of an earthenware amphora (around 670 BCE) Total height 143 cm

    10-01-02/ 4

    Eagle with lion's head. Lapis lazuli, gold, copper and bitumen pendant Early dynastic period II (2658 BCE) from the Treasure of Ur, Mari, Syria

    08-02-08/ 7

    Female figure, with raised arms (dancer?) 4000-3000 BCE, predynastic, Nagada I Ivory, H:20 cm

    08-01-14/ 2

    Sennacherib on his throne in camp. Detail of the Assyrian conquest of the Jewish fortified town of Lachish (battle 701 BCE). Part of a relief from the palace of Sennacherib at Niniveh, Mesopotamia (Iraq)


    Aphrodite,Pan,and Eros.Pan harassing Aphrodite, who has just stepped from her bath. The goddess threatens to punish him with her sandal. A tiny Eros helps to defend his mother,by grasping Pan's horn. From Delos. Inv.3335, H: 129 cm


    Assyrian war chariot with charioteer. Second row, bas-relief, palace of Ashurbanipal (668-627 BCE) in Niniveh,illustrating the campaign against the kingdom of Elam, which brought Elam under Assyrian rule. 645 BCE Gypseous alabaster AO 19909


    Figurines of Akhnaton and Nefertiti,18th dynasty, later than 1345 BCE. Amarna period, 1365-1347 BCE Limestone, H: 22,2 cm Inv. E 15539


    Nubians carrying offerings. Thebes, tomb of Huy, viceroy of Nubia. No. 40 Period of Tutankhamun (1347-1336 BCE) Ancient Egyptian paintings selected,copied & described by Niona M.Davies; plate LXXXI


    The heavenly ladder,illustration of an instruction to monks by abbot Johannes Klimax (6th CE). Good monks climb steadily heavenwards towards perfection, bad monks are dragged to hell by black devils. 11th-12th. 41 x 29,3 cm

    15-03-06/ 8

    Victory stele of King Naram-Sin of Akkad in horned tiara near a mountain summit, with soldiers. Rose limestone stele (2230 BCE) Originally from Mesopotamia - found in Susa, Iran 200 x 105 cm - Sb 4

    08-02-04/ 1

    Aphrodite of Melos, called Venus of Milo. Marble figure (130-120 BCE) found in Melos. Height 202 cm MA 399


    Statue of a hero taming a lion.(Gilgamesch)?,Palace of Sargon II, King of Assur (722-705 BCE) in Khorsabad. These colossal statues of genii protected the entrance to the throne room. H: 445 cm AO 19862


    Dagger with iron blade and bronze handle with bone incrustations (left). The scabbard of sheet- bronze on the right. From the necropolis in Hallstatt, Austria, tomb 116. Length, dagger 34.7 cm, scabbard 28.2 cm


    Tower with defenders. Assyrians attack the Jewish fortified town of Lachish (battle 701 BCE). Part of a relief from the palace of Sennacherib at Niniveh, Mesopotamia (Iraq)


    Conductor Herbert von Karajan (5.4.1908 - 16.7.1989) recording Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 3 in C minor, Op. 37 with the Berlin Philharmonic and the pianist Glenn Gould. Concert Hall of the Hochschule der Kuenste, Berlin, Germany, 24 to 26 May 1957.


    Portrait of Pharaoh Tutankhamun (1346-1337 BCE). Gold with precious stones from the inner coffin of the tomb of Tutankhamun, Valley of the Kings, Thebes. 1342 BCE, New Kingdom


    Goddess Gula with her dog, Kudurru of Nazimarutash, from the temple of Marduk,Babylon. Black limestone, 2nd half 14th BCE. Kassite period.


    The Code of Hammurabi (1792-1750 BCE), 282 laws. Hammurabi standing before the sun-god Shamash. Engraved black basalt stele (1st half 19th BCE, 1st Babylonian Dynasty). Engraved in cuneiform letters. Originally from Babylon, found at Susa, Iran. Height 225 cm


    Fibulae (clasps) and rings from the "Treasure of Duchcov", Lahost, district of Teplice, Bohemia.


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