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    Your search results for ", , Iraq Museum, Baghdad, Iraq" (37 images)
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    Goddess Inanna (Innin) behind her symbols (two sheafs of reed). Detail from the Warka-Vase, a limestone cult vase from Uruk, Mesopotamia (Iraq).


    Water, corn growing from water, sheep, men bearing gifts, and the Goddess Inanna (Innin). five rows of limestone bas-reliefs on the Warka-Vase, a cult vase from Uruk, Mesopotamia (Iraq).


    The Uruk Vase - detail. See also 08-02-05/56,57. Men bearing gifts to the goddess Inanna (Innin), a bull and agricultural products. Limestone, around 2.900 BCE

    08-02-09/ 5

    Two gypsum statuettes with folded hands A) Male figure, height 72 cm - Nr. 19752 B) Female figure, height 59 cm - Nr. 19751 From Eshnunna (Tel Asmar),from the "temple carre" of the God Abu.

    08-02-01/ 6

    Fish-man or water-sprite. Terracotta figurine (8th-7th BCE) Length 12 cm Nr. 3337


    Dancers, musicians, and singers. Terracotta plate (8th-7th BCE) with figurative relief Diameter 4.8 cm Nr. 32062


    Gold necklace and earrings, Length 28 cm Nr. 17955


    Male head with beard, from Niniveh, Mesopotamia. Bronze or copper Height 36 cm IM 11331


    A bearded man holding a palm-tree. Ivory figure (20th-16th BCE) 25.5 x 10.3 cm Nr. 61882


    Gold necklace with locket, lapis lazuli, and carnelian pendant. Length 21 cm Nr. 3958


    Make-up pot. Glass and metal. Neo-Babylonian or Achaemenid Height 6.8 cm Nr. 14400


    The scribe Dudu. Grey stone figure,H:45 cm Nr.55204 Nr. 55204

    08-02-01/ 8

    Winged sphinx. Ivory and gold (8th-7th BCE) Size 19 x 15 cm Nr. 61882


    Humbaba,demon genie and guardian of the cedar forests of the Lebanon-range. Period of the Amorite dynasties. In the Gilgamesh-epic,Gilgamesh and his friend Enkidu come cut off the demon's head. 20th-16th BCE Terracotta, H: 6,9 cm Inv. 65662


    Two wrestlers. Copper (20th-16th BCE) Height 10.2 cm Nr. 41085


    Jug, decorated with shells, lions, snakes, and coloured stones. Fragment, staetite Height 14.2 cm Nr. 66071


    Lion. Ivory figure (8th-7th BCE) Size 5 x 13 cm Nr. 65545


    The Egyptian God Bes. Bronze figure from Fort Shalmaneser, Nimrud (Kalash), Mesopotamia (Iraq) Height: 12.2 cm Nr. 61872


    Model of a bed, fertility idol. Terracotta (20th-16th BCE) 3.5 x 10.5 x 7.5 cm Nr. 44927


    Gold necklace with locket, lapis lazuli, and carnelian pendants. Length 41 cm Nr. 8811


    Decorative jug with animals and handles. Limestone Height 20.3 cm Nr. 19169


    A woman standing with folded hands. Limestone, H:33cm Nr.19653

    08-02-01/ 9

    A weight in form of a goose, with inscription. Diorite Length 14 cm, weight 2478 g Nr. 3580


    Silver necklace with lapis lazuli and carneol. Length 44 cm Nr. 27426


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