The Company

The ERICH LESSING Photo Archive is the official preserver of the heritage of ERICH LESSING and keeps all rights and copyrights to secure the continuation of the oeuvre.

Mission Statement - Erich LESSING Kunst- & Kulturarchiv GmbH

The „Erich LESSING Kunst- und Kulturarchiv Ges.m.b.H.“ exists since 1996 and has been owned and managed by Erich Lessing himself until he handed over the full responsibility to his wife Renée Kronfuss-Lessing. She leads the entire work of the photographer into the future – even after he sadly passed away in August 2018.
Our company – based in Vienna – includes the collection and archive of Erich Lessing’s images.

On our website you have the possibility to explore ERICH LESSING’s images and purchase them as a digital file within a license or printed on fine art paper. We also work together with global agents in licensing this images.
As the work of ERICH LESSING has an artistic- and historical importance we offer a lot of themes for exhibitions, licenses for publications and education. Please contact us for further information.